Sudbury Homeopathic Clinic Rescue Me Hormone 120ML

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Rescue Me Hormones is a complete endocrine balancer. Unlike most hormone products on the market, they will either increase hormone values or decrease them by means of herbal stimulus. But the minute the herbal stimulus is removed, unless you treat the glands that control the hormone secretion, the body will slowly resort back.

This homeopathic combination features all of the glands making up the endocrine system that control the secretion and production of hormones such as serotonin (for sleep and mood), dopamine (for motivation and drive), progesterone, estrogen and testosterone balance in our body. By treating the glandular system directly to properly function, Rescue me Hormones gives long lasting results even after the remedy is no longer being used. Can be used for all hormonal balancing including those wanting to regulate menses, those wanting to optimize fertility and for those wishing to reduce the symtpoms of menopause.
For those treating Endometriosis pair it with Belladonna 30 or 200ch depending on the severity of symptoms.
For those treating PCOS pair it with the Rescue me Tumor and Cyst for optimal results

Directions: 10 drops (0.25ML) directly under the tongue or in a little water 3 times a day.

***Special Cautionaries- avoid the use of Oil of Oregano, Tea Tree and all Mint products (spearmint, wintergreen, eucalyptus, camphor and menthol) internally, topically or smelling as it will hinder the desired effects.

This Product is:
Gluten & Wheat FREE
Dairy FREE