Green Beaver Baby SPF 35 Sunscreen 90ML

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Ensure your baby has the protection they need from the harsh sun and harsh chemicals. Health Canada approved, Green Beaver unscented sunscreen has been tested and proven to be effective against sun exposure, non-irritating, and is the safest baby sunscreen available.

Green Beaver has developed a solution made with natural minerals and infused with the soothing benefits of organic chamomile. Chamomile is a hypoallergenic ingredient that naturally reduces irritation in the skin and provides a calming effect when used on the skin.

Approved by Health Canada, Hypoallergenic, Non-greasy, Non-nano, Non-silicone coated, Non-Whitening, Water & Sweat Resistant (40 min), Biodegradable and Reef Safe.

Directions: Apply topically 10 minutes before going in the sun.

This product is:
Gluten FREE
Cruelty FREE
Reef & Lake SAFE
Non Greasy