Green Beaver Lavender Deodorant Stick 50G

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At Green Beaver, we have harnessed the power of natural ingredients, provided by hardworking people who love the environment, and have condensed it in a powerful deodorant that takes care of your sensitive skin. Also available in stick or spray form, our fantastic formula graces your skin with a coat of anti-odorant sage oil and Labrador tea that hydrates it and keeps you from smelling. Now here's a product you and Mother Nature can get behind!

Lavender has been soothing people for centuries. Why stop now?
Let the fragrance transport you to a beautiful, relaxing purple field. Calming, isn't it? Lavender has been used for centuries to ease stress. This product does exactly that. It makes you smell good, so you don’t have to worry about body odour! Tough on odors, gentle on skin. Made for the active lifestyle.

Directions: Apply on underarms, groin area, or on feet as desired

This Product is:
Vegan/ Vegetarian
Gluten FREE
Cruelty FREE