Green Beaver Tea Tree Deodorant Stick 50G

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At Green Beaver, we have harnessed the power of natural ingredients, provided by hardworking people who love the environment, and have condensed it in a powerful deodorant that takes care of your sensitive skin. Also available in stick or spray form, our fantastic formula graces your skin with a coat of anti-odorant sage oil and Labrador tea that hydrates it and keeps you from smelling. Now here's a product you and Mother Nature can get behind!

An unmatchable freshness! Tea tree oil has been used in the past to remedy many aches and pains. Try a tea tree scented deodorant to get rid of painfully unpleasant smells. Recall the freshness of cold green tea, and imagine wearing it every day. That’s why it’s a fan favourite!    Tough on odors, gentle on skin. Made for the active lifestyle.

***Special Cautionaries- This deodorant is not homeopathic friendly

Directions: Apply on underarms, groin area, or on feet as desired

This Product is:
Vegan/ Vegetarian
Gluten FREE
Cruelty FREE