Health First Chlorophyll Unflavored 500ML

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Health First’s Chlorophyll is non-GMO sourced, alfalfa sourced, and preservative free. Chlorophyll is an internal deodorizer reducing bad smells. It helps detoxify the body, balance PH and reduce body ordor, foot odor and bad breath. Comes in unflavoured and natural mint flavour.

Chlorophyll is any of several related green pigments found in the mesosomes of cyanobacteria, as well as in the chloroplasts of algae and plants.  Chlorophyll is essential in photosynthesis, allowing plants to absorb energy from light.

Directions: Adults (19 years and older) take one to two tablespoons per day. Keep refrigerated after opening. Shake well before use.

This Product is:
Vegan/ Vegetarian
Gluten & Wheat FREE
Dairy FREE
Sugar & Yeast FREE