Naka Nattokinase 75 Caps

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Nattokinase can help break down peripheral vascular disease—arterial atherosclerosis or venous thrombosis. Can improve
spider veins, hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Senile dementia due to poor circulation or cerebral thrombi formation. Also acts as ischemic stroke prevention, A statin drug alternative and an acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) alternative - prevents stomach bleeding. It also helps with:
•  Helps with joint and muscle pain
•  Bone pain caused by excessive blood clotting
•  Breaks down unwanted waste in blood
•  Breaks down undigested proteins in the gut
•  May help varicose veins, muscle spasms and pain

Directions: (Adults) Take one capsule once daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner

This Product is:
Gluten FREE
Egg & Dairy FREE
Soy & Yeast FREE
Fish/ Shellfish FREE