Nature's Aid Pet Gel 500ML

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Nature’s Aid Soothing Gel for Pets is an award winning, true-natural Equine and Pet product unlike anything else on the market. This one product with so many uses, was created to help treat the majority of your horses or dog’s skin conditions. Prepared using the highest quality, natural ingredients - including Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel,  and Rosemary, this unique and proven formula will help heal your customers four legged family members’ skin quickly and naturally.

Uses: mange, ringworm, hot spots, seborrhoea, insect bites, inflammation, cracked paws, atopic dermatitis, allergic, dermatitis, dry and/or sensitive skin, abrasions and cuts, burns (mild to moderate) and so much more!

Directions: Apply topically until desired results are noted.

This Product is:
No artificial scents or dyes
Paraben or Sulphates FREE
Eco-friendly with biodegradable ingredients and sustainable packaging