NOW Potassium Gluconate 99MG 100 Tablet

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Now Potassium Gluconate 99 mg is a mineral supplement for the maintenance of good health. Potassium is an electrolyte that is important for control of the body’s water balance. It is important within the cells and aids in maintaining stable blood pressure, regular heart rhythm, and a healthy nervous system.

Potassium is important for stimulating nerve impulses for muscle contraction, and its levels in the body have implications for heart muscle functioning. It assists in the conversion of glucose into glycogen, the form in which glucose can be stored in the liver, and then to its useful form to do the body’s work. Protein and carbohydrate metabolism are dependent upon potassium and it stimulates the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body wastes. It is also important for normal growth and for keeping the skin healthy.

Directions: 1 tablet once a day or as directed by a health care
practitioner. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 6 months.

This product is:
Non- GMO
Gluten FREE
Dairy & Egg FREE
Vegetarian/ Vegan