Now Take a Zen Essential Oil Roll-On 10ML

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When you need help winding down or seek some peace and quiet, you can conveniently ROLL ON Take a Zen Ten Relaxing Blend. This serene floral-citrusy blend of essential oils is pre-diluted in premium, organic Jojoba oil for a non-greasy experience on the skin. The compact amber glass roll-on bottle is easy to stash in a pocket, purse, workout bag or desk drawer and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Directions:  Apply to soles of feet, back of neck, or pulse points at bedtime and when a dose of soothing calm is needed throughout the day. Reapply as desired. Excessive pressure to rollerball may result in oil leakage.

This Product is:
Vegetarian/ Vegan
Hexane FREE
Cold Pressed
Paraben FREE
Steam Distilled