Schinoussa Chlorella Protein Vanilla 840G

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Schinoussa's microalgae-based protein from Chlorella is a patent fermentation technology used to produce a highly nutritious, naturally derived, minimally processed ingredient for outstanding nutritional benefits.

Plant based proteins are not complete proteins and also lack complete essential amino acids. Algae are a viable protein source, with EAA composition meeting FAO requirements. This breakthrough in fermented Chlorella protein supercharges the vegan diet. Also, allergies associated with conventional plant protein sources such as rice, pea, hemp or pumpkin are not found in chlorella.

This opens up the plant protein diet to exciting new and healthier opportunities. The vegetables servings of nutrients to support the protein are from whole food sources: Spirulina, Chlorella, and E3Live (blue green algae).

As a result, this all in one formula is the dense nutrient profile featuring NEW fermented chlorella protein. One Scoop yeilds: 23g of the highest plant based bioavailable protein, 3g carbs of 2 are fiber, 2g fats of which are good fats.

Directions: Take 1 scoop (35G) and mix in a beverage of your choice.

This Product is:
Vegan/ Vegetarian
Gluten FREE
No Pea, Rice or other land based protein