St. Francis Coconut & MCT Oil 500ML

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St. Francis Herb Farms Liquid Coconut Oil & Medium Chain Triglycerides brings two superb culinary oils blended together for optimal nutrition and all your baking needs.

Combines the best of 2 worlds; Coconut Oil & Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
Stays liquid and non-rancid at room temperature
More readily metabolized by the body than any other oils
Stimulates the production of ketones, which have been called a "superfood for the brain"

Directions: Simply add a tbsp or two to your smoothie, or any other hot or cold drink, for example, or else add it to your salad dressing, marinade, or whatever you might use a culinary oil.

This product is:
Dairy FREE
Gluten FREE
Vegetarian/ Vegan