St. Francis Mullein 50ML

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Turn to our Mullein Tincture to get relief from chest complaints such as mucous congestion, coughs, and bronchitis. It is an excellent cough remedy, antimicrobial aid for respiratory infection, anti-inflammatory, has lymphatic cleansing properties, with mucilage and saponin constituents that give it special medicinal qualities

Take our Mullein Tincture if you need an expectorant (i.e. a medicine that promotes secretion) to ease chest problems such as catarrh (i.e. mucous congestion), coughs, and bronchitis.

Directions: Adults: Take 0.8-1.3 mL (25-40 drops) 3 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach.stomach.

This product is:
Dairy FREE
Gluten FREE
Non-GMO and Vegan